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Integrated environment for designing and developing chatbots.


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Internal chatbot solutions

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Travel insurance chatbot

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Geneva car show chatbot



Coffee machine guide chatbot

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Contest chatbot


The solution you're looking for

there are many proven ways to use chatbot for

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Increase sales

use notifications to re-engage your customers and increase your sales

Automate common tasks

so people don't have to be robots

Engage your customers

get your audience involved and convert them to customers

Know your audience

get know your customers by just asking them

Notification just in time

enhance the user experience and get your customers informed

To code the bot or use a bot designer tool?

Collaborative chatbot designer tool

Covers the conversation design
  • single source of truth for chatbot design and text
  • team members can update texts & structure without coding skills
  • app code is visualized within designer tool and readable to non technical people
The Designer

Standalone chatbot application

Business logic and integrations as a task for developers
  • builds a chatbot from designer data
  • allows deployment to any infrastructure
  • gives flexibility to integrate with any other service
The wingbot CLI

Do not compromise. Take the benefits of both.

Avoid the overhead of letting developers coding dialogues or implementing integrations in a conversation designer.

Powerful chatbot designer

Visualise the conversation flow

now everyone in a team can see, how the bot communicates
  • everyone can understand the flow in few minutes
  • avoids additinal diagrams describing the bots structure
Team cooperation

Boost the productivity of teamwork

tasks, comments and real time updates makes the collaboration smooth and straight
  • steamlines the chatbot production
  • each member of team can work on the conversation at the same time
Chatbot analytics
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Opensource modular achitecture

Messaging channels

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Botservice Webchat
  • Slack, MS Teams
  • Telegram and many others
Team cooperation
most popular messaging channels including a chat widget for your website

Customer care centers

  • allows handover to human agent
  • easy integration with Intercom, Daktela or Facebook Inbox
Secure deployment onto your cloud or on-premise infrastructure
automate common questions and pass the complex ones to your agents


  • NLP with Facebook FastText core integrated by default
  • you can use an NLP of your choice
Secure deployment onto your cloud or on-premise infrastructure
you can choose the best language processing service for your case

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Full conversation Analytics

  • customer behavior: sessions, visitors, interactions, time spent in bot
  • traffic sources and campaign efficiency
  • conversion rate, funnels
  • notification open and read rates
  • message texts & NLP monitoring

Automated notifications & audience segmentation

Messaging marketing is the most efficient way to engage your customers. You can enjoy 94% open rate.

  1. Build an audience
  2. Re-engage the audience
  3. Convert the audience to customers

Want increase the sales with bot?

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Enterprise grade security

on-premise deployment

  • chatbot deployed on premise or in cloud
  • wingbot service does not process any sensitive data
  • highly integratable with existing services inside a company
Secure deployment onto your cloud or on-premise infrastructure
keep sensitive data and secret credentials under your control if you need

role based access control

  • CUI designers, Managers
  • Copywriters and Translators
  • Developers and Testers
Team cooperation
invite all participants to collaborate using roles including the comments only access


€ 802 000 Kč/ monthly per chatbot


includes unlimited audience, NLP and automated notifications

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We have a right solution for you

There are three approaches to chatbot production. You can pick the one that best suits your needs.

  Building bots using own resources Need a little help Want a custom made chatbot
Dialogues design own resources own resources
Integration development own resources designer service & training
Suitable for large agency, enterprise small and medium agency, medium business all other businesses