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Not sure if an automated solution is right for your business? A saving calculator should help answer that question. Fill in just four figures and observe how much you currently pay for one solved ticket on average and more importantly how much a chatbot could save you.

Enter the number of customer support inquiries per month. Try to include all customer questions: e-mail questions helpline calls or chat queries.
per month
Put down the average salary of one customer support operator. You can enter the amount in Euros, Czech crowns, or Dollars.
Write down the average query processing time. We assume that the faster the ticket is handled the more satisfied the customer is.
14 minutes
With various types of queries, there are situations in which customer service operators can handle multiple tickets at the same time.
2 tickets

What does the resulting data mean and how do we get them?

The cost per ticket figure indicates the effectiveness of customer care. However, it depends on what type of query is prevalent. You can have a business where most of the customer questions are simple. Or maybe on the contrary customer support deal mainly with complex questions that take a lot of time to explain.

The support cost per order is an indicator that summarizes the overall efficiency of the sales process. The lower the price, the more satisfied customers of your e-shop. If no troubles occurred during an order processing there is a much lower need to write to the support desk.

The number of inquiries per 100 orders could demonstrate a lot of things - bad UX of your web, poor information architecture, or chaotic process of completing an order. The more people have to ask, the more likely they are missing some essential information during the shopping process.