Voice is a notoriously difficult AI domain to master, but we managed with ease. Our sophisticated voice assistant for Vocalls succeeded at lightening the workload of their busy customer service team and ease the collection of experience data.

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"Thanks to Voicebot, we are untying operators from the boring routine calls. Voicebot solves them for you and let you focus on more complex tasks."

Artem Markevich, CEO, Vocalls


We designed an elegant voice assistant to conduct customer calls on the business's behalf and collect critical data, from time of arrival to customer experience rating. Multi-domain integration enables users to engage with the Vocalls bot over both voice and text. See how it works in this video.

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Key wins

  • Business optimization:

    Automated phone calls, reducing staffing costs.

  • Multi-domain integration:

    Users can engage with the bot over both voice and text.