Wingbot is an independent company focused on developing a first-class conversational artificial intelligence. Our main goal is to deliver on our promise of multi-domain conversational capabilities while caring for the needs of the clients we work with. Not only we are able to provide you with the most cutting edge technology out there, but we also manage to have fun while doing it.


We think that artificial intelligence should be fun to talk to, as well as able to solve problems in a variety of domains. That’s why we firmly believe in the power of multi-domain conversational artificial intelligence. In short, our product allows you to have a conversation about a wide range of topics and help you with many different problems, rather than covering just one ‘narrow’ use case.

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Since your artificial intelligence can be only as good as the people who train it, we assembled the Wingbot team out of a diverse group of professionals ready to help with your challenges.

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We do our AI magic in the magical city of Prague in the Czech Republic. Come visit us!

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