Increase sales and reduce costs with chatbot

Proven chatbot use cases for marketing, sales, HR, and customer care.

Engage your customers

get your audience involved and convert them to customers

  • product guide and contest bots
  • news subscription
3x audience gain by sharing a guess in 10 days in Krušovice bot

Automate common tasks

so people don't have to be robots

  • FAQ's automation
  • lead qualification, HR sourcing
saved time at HR staff by automating common tasks in ČS
Česká spořitelna

Increase sales

use notifications to re-engage your customers and increase your sales

  • new arrivals or sales notifications
  • product guide bots
94% was the open rate of notifications in XXL Sport & Villmark bot
XXL Sport & Villmark

Know your audience

get know your customers by just asking them

  • collecting the feedback
  • product guides
  • lead qualification
91% of users finished a product guide and told the bot their preferences
XXL Sport & Villmark

Notification just in time

enhance the user experience and get your customers informed

  • search watchdog, parcel tracking, news subscription
  • re-engaging users in your bot to raise the conversions
16% of users completed the goal after the notification